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Board & Train

Our Board & Train programs are available from March through September and open to Gun Dogs 6 months of age and older.  Your dog will stay with us for the duration of these training periods.  We regularly update you on the status of the pup's training through pictures, emails, and phone calls throughout their stay. 

Starting (For pups 6mos +)
  • Obedience

  • Crate & Travel Conditioning

  • Whistle Conditioning

  • Gunfire Conditioning

  • Exposure to Feathered and Furred Game

  • Water Work

  • Steady to Flush

  • Independent Field Search

  • Retrieving Primer

  • Tracking Primer

Duration: 8 weeks

Upon completion of this 8 week program your gun dog is ready for a season afield and primed to expand his learning through hunting exposure and experience.  The dog is stable around gun fire and game.  You should expect to pick up a hunting companion capable of searching for and recovering game in all types of cover.  The dog will hold point

Force Fetch (For pups 9mos +)

This program will create a reliably retrieving dog that recovers and delivers - to hand, all game he encounters.   We ensure joyful retrieving by utilizing every method of reinforcement possible, limiting the amount of pressure necessary to teach your dog the most important skill they will ever learn.

Duration: 4-6 weeks

Finishing (For pups at least 1yr old, Force Fetched, and through their first hunting season)
  • Steady

  • Whistle

  • Blood

  • Fur

  • Manners in the blind

  • Drop

  • Blind Retrieving

  • Independent Search

Duration: 8 weeks

At the conclusion of this program, your dog is ready to hunt and recover game in any situation.  You will be able to turn him, stop him, and recall him with consistency from a distance.  As an upland hunter he will hold steady through the shot.  He will enter water with intent to find game on command and never leave wounded game in the field.  He will be prepared to blood track shot and wounded big game.  The Finished Gun Dog is a true versatile hunter ready for all seasons. **If the dog was not started or force fetched by us, a performance evaluation will be needed to judge his or her readiness for this program.**

A La Carte (For both Gundogs and Companion Dogs)

Pending a consultation, we will create a program to address the specific needs between you and your dog.  These programs are typically short-term of 3-6 weeks and cover topics such as recall, whistle work, heeling, manners in the home, greeting people, and other...

Duration: Varies

Contact Us for more information on rates and availability of Board & Train services

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