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The Deutsch Langhaar is a truly versatile gun dog. These dogs will point any game bird, track furred game, retrieve waterfowl with the very best retrieving breeds, successfully blood track in all terrain, and even take down varmints including fox and raccoon. 


Breeding standards for the Deutsch Langhaar are among the most strict for any dog breed in the world. Since standards were officially defined in 1879, very little has changed.  Details on the breeding and certification requirements can be found here.


We breed with a focus on temperament, believing that a calm, well-mannered dog who is eager to please is the most easily trained.  Most of us want to share our homes with our hunting companions so it is important for us that their temperament is well suited for living in the home.

As dog breeders it is most important that our dogs go to serious hunting homes where the dog will get plenty of exposure and opportunities to do what they were born to do and fulfill their highest potentials.  We are always available to help new and old buyers along the way.  As well, our DL community is full of outgoing and supportive members happy to help.   

As of 2018, there are less than 400 Deutsch Langhaars in all of North America.  With only 30-40 puppies born domestically each year, the opportunities to own one are certainly not plentiful.  Aside from our page, you can find a listing of available dogs here.

We are happy to get on the phone and discuss if a DL is the right gun dog for you.  Contact us at anytime.


Here are a couple links where you can learn more about the Deutsch Langhaar

    > DL - GNA website

    > DL-GNA Facebook Page

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