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Guide Services

At Obenstaat Kennels we offer limited Guided Hunt services and Destination Trips.  Our work as dog trainers and breeders keeps us in the loop with the very best upland hunting in the nation and we love to set up trips to get folks to experience the very best wild hunting with their dogs.

Our local Turkey population is growing by the year, and mountain toms always provide challenging and exciting hunts.


Upland Hunts

Grouse and woodcock make

for challenging targets on

their own. With the

possibility of the dogs 

hitting a rabbit track, these types of hunts are always different and exciting.  Spending a day hunting behind serious gun dogs will never disappoint the passionate wingshooter.


Turkey Hunting

Chasing gobblers through

dense timber and varied

terrain is some of the most

fun and excitement you can

have outdoors.  A real

passion of ours.  These days start early and end by noon.  Be in shape!  Spring Turkey season is May 1st through May 31st each year

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